Obs-76 Hisen Cave



Fhenta 228

Storage Note:

A military base is to be constructed around the cave enterence which any trespassers to be shot on site. Genral Browning is currently in charge of the outpost. Nobody is alound to enter the portal without autherisation from genral Browning.


The cave is located just nothing if the village of Hisen in the North. The cave has a small opened which winds downwards. Eventually you come to a corridor that looks to have been carved out. Off the corridor there are several rooms most of which are just storage rooms with various occult artifacts. The last one on the left was what looks like a church. The walls have been lined with wood. There are rows of pews and a balcony on each side. When the cave was first found the counter had the head of a goat lying on it. It was still warm.
At the end of the corridor was a large ornate wooden door with carvings in an unknown language. Opening the door reveals what looks like smoky stained glass. Wlking through this doorway you find yourself in Fsoikeraside.


The cave was descoverd in Fhenta 228 by the local police force. The police were investigating the merdering of several livestock in the area. The livestock had been found without their heads after being missing for a few days. The police had cought a member of what they called the “Aneusfenghta” Cult. Using intel extracked from this cult member the location of the cult was found to be in the cave up in the hills near by to Hisen. When the police entered the cave they found it empty. Upon entering the portal the cult members were found strwen about. They had all been killed by an unkown creature. At this point the military was called and the institute took controll of the area. Several expeditions into this place were then conducted.

Addendum Obs-76.1: Initial Exploration Log

The initial Ecploration was conducted on Fhenta 219 by Captain Loughty, Dr Graham, Lieutenant Everly and Lieutenant Culpepper. The goal of the expadition was to survay the initial area through the portal and deturmine whether it is safe. Following the expedition an either an outpost is to be setup on the otherside or the portal or an army is to be sent in to nuralise the area. The 3 soldiers were equiped with a 2 Haiwdwick .704 rifle, and a .54 high power rifle made by the company Aslefid and a 3 swords. Only the 2 Lieutenants returned from the expadition. The report was filed by Lieutenant Everly.

We set out at 0900h. Entering the portal we saw the rocky lanscape but we couldn’t see firther than 30ft in front of us. We all noted feeling hazy after passing through the portal. The cult members were missing.

We started walking directly away from the portal and after about 5 minutes we found ourselves in what looked like an ally. The buildings were 4 floors high and different furniture and wagon bits were scattered about. We walked further in to investigate. We noticed at the end of the ally was a dead end. At this point we noticed movement at the end of the ally. There was some sort of creature at the end. The creature turned around and stud still for what seamed like forever. It had the body or a rat but long humanoid limbs walking on all fours. The head of the creature looked like that of a child. But when it opened its mouth it opened length Ways across its whole head. It then launched at us. We quickly darted for cover. Culpepper managed to bash down one of the doors on the left of the ally and set up in one of the windows. I had positioned myself behind an overturned wagon with Loughty. Unfortunately the doctor panicked and tried to run directly away from the beast back where we came from. The creature launched at him taking a big chunk out of his side. Me and Loughty then attempted to shoot at the creature. This stunned the creature but it didn’t seam overly harmed. The creature then tuned tail and headed towards us. We quickly attempted to reload and fire again but didn’t manage to in time and I saw Loughty ripped in half in front of me. Culpepper then fired at the creature which brought its attention towards him. The creature was unable to get inside the window and both of us were able to reload and fire at the creature. This time we must have hit something important because the creature turned and ran way. We then fired again at the creature as it was leaving which managed to bring down the creature.

We then regrouped and surveyed to area for any more danger. The creature seemed to be the only hostile creature in the area. We also found the remnants of the cult members in the ally. The creature must have brought them there to eat. We then headed back towards the portal which was directly away from the ally.

Addendum Obs-76.2: Second Exploration Log

After the previous expedition the institute wanted to attempt to set up a base within the buildings in the ally. Everly was promoted to rank of Captin and assigned head of this expadition. The goal of this expadition was to set up an outpost on the otherside of the portal and to excort Dr Deighton to examine the creature. Everly went on the expadition along with Lieutenant Culpepper and Lieutenant Graham along with a platoon of 10 troops and Dr Deighton.

Day 1

We entered the portal at 0915h this morning. The doctor had his equipment to examine the creatures corpse. We brought enough supplies to last for 10 weeks. We walked forwards and easily found the allyway. We set up camp in some rooms on the left and the ground floor. The Doctor set up his things and I instructed 4 of the men to haul the creature inside. The sky looks to be the same colour it was when we arrived. I don’t think there’s day and night here. We’re decided to to try and get some sleep. I’ve set up a watch system where 2 people are always on watch and rotate every couple hours. I plan to keep this going during the day as we don’t know what creatures are lurking about here.

Day 2

I was awoken this morning by one of the men on watch. They told me they had hered something that sounded like a horse trotting past the ally. We searched the area but couldn’t find anything. Though it was difficult to search because of all the fog. When we decided it was morning i sent some of the men to search the nearby area and to better understand the layout of the area. Around the camp seems to be an endless maze of nonsensical buildings. They don’t even make sense from the stand point of anyone living here. There were buildings that were connected that seemingly shouldn’t be and some that were completely inaccessible. On the opposite side of the ally there is a room on the second floor that has a bricked up window but no doors. As yet we have been unable to enter the room. The doctor got to examining the body. He was at it most of the day. That thing still terrifies me so I stayed out of his way most of the day.

Day 3

Last night one of the ones on watch said they could here a noise coming from the inaccessible room. Me and Culpepper just thought it was rheir mind playing tricks on them. We went to investigate but couldnt find anything. Though we still couldn’t get into the room. By midday the doctor had finished his report on the creature. It is to be filed under Obs-78. I sent 2 of our men to sent it back to Genral Browning at basecamp. Today was much of the same exploring and mapping out the area. I had requested one of the men to be a cartographer which helped with understanding the layout because some of the men got lost a few times. Expecting the men to be back in a few hours we were concerned when it had been more like 8 before they returned. We asked them why it had taken them so long but they seemed confused. Saying they hadn’t been that long. We got the doctor to check them over but they seemed to be in good health.

Day 4

Last night I awoke to one of the men on watch saying there was someone shouting. Thinking it was nothing I begrudgingly got up to check it out. Sure enough when I got outside I could here it. It sounded like Culpepper. We ran to the noise to see where it was. It was in the inaccessible room. He couldnt here us though it was definitely Culpepphas’s voice. We attempted to brake down the wall. After about an hour we managed to get inside. Culpepper was slumped in the corner of the room. His face had a big cut across it and he looks severely dehydrated. We carried him back to camp. He was barely consciousness. We gave him some water and let the doctor attend to his wounds.

Day 5

He came to some time in the morning. He didn’t immediately speak. His eyes seemed glazed. He turned to me and said “I… I thought I’d never see you again.” At which point he passed out again. We decided to examine the room with no enterence. The room has brick walls ceiling and floor. Despite the floor below having wooden a ceiling. One of the men mentioned that the size of the room didn’t seem right. Sure enough the room was bigger than it should be. We then noticed there was a door on the far side of the room. I could have swarn it wasn’t there before. We opened it to see a long dark corridor. Just before we went in we heard a scream from outside. A large beast was mauling one of the men. There were 5 of them. All about 10ft tall. I led the men investigating the room back to the doctors room. We picked up Culpepper and began to head back to the portal. We sneaked out the back and lost the creature in the fog. We returned to the portal thinking it was late afternoon but it was the morning and it had only been 4 days.

Further explorations into Fsoikeraside were conducted and 4 months later. Which can be found in Obs-85.

Investigations into the dark corridor can be found in Obs-89