Obscures Indtitute

The Obscures Indtitute is an organisation from Eirfre in my fanticy world Fheohs. The headquarters of which are in the capital Lifan. Founded in Fhenta 212 the Obscures Indtitute seeks to investigate and understand the occult for use within the Eirfre Royal army towards the empire’s war efforts.

Fhenta 212 is rufly the equivalent of the mid 19th century in iur universe.

Archive Obscura

The Archive Obscura is an archive of all the institutes findings. From strange occurrences to mysterious objects.

  • Obs-001 – Opening of the worlds
  • Obs-065 – The Impossible Door
  • Obs-76 – Hisen Cave

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Obs-76 Hisen Cave

The cave is located just north if the village of Hisen in the North of Eirfre. The cave has a small opened which winds downwards.