Obs-065 – The Impossible Door



Fhenta 229

Storage Notes:

Stored in Site B in building 8. The key and books are kept in a lockbox next to Obs-065.


The object is a 6ft 8in tall red 4-panel door. The paint looks to be worn around the handle but the paint seems fused to wood. The door is attached to its frame but was found devoid of a wall. The door has also proven to be unremovable from the frame. All attempts at damaging the door have failed.

Unlocking the door with the key reveals a small 5m by 5m room with a window on the wall to the left of the door as you walk in. The window looks out onto rolling hills. As of current, the location of which has not been found. The window has also been found to be unopenable. To the left, as you walk in is another door 4 panel door but his one I blue. The door as of present has proven to be unopenable. There is also a lock similar to the other door but no key was found. The door was found with several gunshot holes in it and what looks to be axe marks. None of which had managed to get through to the other side.


The door was found in an abandoned house in Dopes. The door wasn’t locked and the key was found inside. The remains of an old man were found on the bed opposite the door. Along with a desk and 4 books with loose pages scattered about. 3 of the books were in a different language and the other was a book on Hunting.

Obs-065-1: The old man

The old man was significantly decayed when discovered which made it impossible to tell what they died of. They looked to be dead for about 3 weeks when the door was found. The man was found clutching a symbol of the gods.

The man’s remains were kept and stored in the biological remains building (building 5) In Site B.

Obs-065-2: Book 1

OBS-065-2 is an old book bound in leather. There is nothing on the cover. The book has been deciphered somewhat with the help of the notes left on the desk. The contents seem to describe various Spells invoked by a false god. On page 168 there is a drawing of this false god. The god looks like a giant ball of flesh with appendages protruding out. The figure appears to have no head.

Obs-065-3: Book 2

This book is about herbal remedies but has many strange and exotic ingredients like a human heart or the eye of a creature called Hetdsargth. The book describes the creature as a gorilla but with the head of a dog and the legs of a goat.

Obs-065-4: Book 3

The journal seems to be of the old man. It starts with how they found the door and notes on what they found out about it. But the writing slowly becomes more sporadic and eventually devolves into the word “I must open the blue door, I must open the blue door, fhetung glar unlen agthgerantar.”

Obs-065-5: Book 4

The fourth book is a book on hunting published in Fhenta 156 by Mr Gren. The book describes how to hunt large animals like elk or bears.

Addendum 065.1: Incident

One of the professors was found bashing their head against the blue door. The professor was rushed to hospital but later succumbed to his injuries. Upon investigating the professor’s office, the walls were found covered in scribbles saying “Open the blue door” And “I must find him”.

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