Post Demoncore: Devlog 8

Since The last devlog I have mainly been working on redoing the level geometry. I managed to find a program called Crocotile3d. This program uses square tiles from a trim sheet. This is very similar to how the silent hill geometry was created. This also allows me to keep the pixel density the same throughout the level. This should allow me to create levels much quicker. I have managed to completely complete the first 2 maps, the hell section and the house section. The shop map is next at which point I will upload a new version of the game. After that I already have a plan for the hotel level. It will have 2 sections similar to silent hill. The normal level and the hell level. At which point the first act of the game will be completed. my plan is then to polish up the levels and release it as v1.

During the shop map the player is given an Enfield No2. This can be used to fight the enemies in the hotel map. The guns in the games universe use crystals instead of bullets. When the crystals are hit it sends out a beam of light essentially making them a laser weapon. The Weapons also produce a large amount of heat while doing this. To compensate for this, in contrast to guns in our world, they have lots of heat fins on them and assault rifles have to have active cooling. The Enfield here has fins going round the chamber and along the barrel.

The enemies in the hotel section are ghouls. They look like chard and burned humans. Some with chains attached to them which they can use to attack the player with. They also have a knife for a hand which can be used to slash the player. Some of them are missing legs and crawl towards the player. None of the enemies in this level are fast but due to the tight corridors of the hotel they can be tricky to get around.

I have also added a menu background level similar to the ones in source games. I also created a music track for the menu. It is available to listen to on my YouTube channel Here.

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