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About The Game

The game is a ps1 style survival horror akin to Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The controls are tank controls but in first person. The Setting for the game is sort of a Sci-fi, diesel-punk ww2 (the game is roughly set to the equivalent of 1936). You are a rebel fighter tasked with scouting out a Hjasn military base. Only to find out they have opened a portal to hell. Fight through Eldritch horrors to escape the base.

Highly recommended to play with a controller.


This project started out as a mod for doom using the GZDoom engine. A modern source port of the original doom engine. I quickly hit the limitations of an almost 3 decade old engine so decided to make it myself using the open source engine Godot.

The game is currently in Alpha

Latest post-demoncore Posts:

Post Demoncore: Devlog 10

Robert and Calvin’s Bomber. Since the last dev log I have been working on doing some concept art. Mainly designing the converted bomber the rebels use to transport the PC to the Hasjn base. The ship is based on a SAAB 17 a Swedish WW2 bomber. In the universe of the game it has an Post Demoncore: Devlog 10


Post Demoncore: Devlog 9 (v0.1.4)

v0.1.4 + redone dr_start and dr_shop in Crocotile 3d + added selectable inventory + added flash of red when damaged + added noclip command + added title screen background level + Enfield No2 is now 3d and animated + added syringe Most of this update is redoing the models for the level. dr_start and dr_shop Post Demoncore: Devlog 9 (v0.1.4)


Post Demoncore: Devlog 8

Since The last devlog I have mainly been working on redoing the level geometry. I managed to find a program called Crocotile3d. This program uses square tiles from a trim sheet. This is very similar to how the silent hill geometry was created. This also allows me to keep the pixel density the same throughout Post Demoncore: Devlog 8


Post Demoncore: devlog 7 (v0.1.3)

Changelog: +added new dr_bonetower map using Crocotile 3d +added new player model (missing animations) + reworked inventory menu +added warning screen +started the replacement of memos to be images rather than just text Known bug in dr_start where animation is at the wrong translation (currently reworking the mesh for the map) page


Post Demoncore: v0.1.2 (Devlog 6)

Change Log: + added dr_bonetower map as the first level + changed controls so that it controls similar to a ps1 game + added controls menu + added audio menu + fixed issue with fog + added some of the puzzle elements to dr_forest page


Post Demoncore: Devlog 4

Saving Since The last Dev log The main thing I have managed to implement is the save system. This works by searching for “persist” nodes and running a “save” method on them. This method returns a JSON object with the variables that need to be persisted after a game load. These values are saved to Post Demoncore: Devlog 4