Post Demoncore: Devlog 9 (v0.1.4)


+ redone dr_start and dr_shop in Crocotile 3d

+ added selectable inventory

+ added flash of red when damaged

+ added noclip command

+ added title screen background level

+ Enfield No2 is now 3d and animated

+ added syringe

Most of this update is redoing the models for the level. dr_start and dr_shop have be remade in Crocotile 3d. In dr_shop you now obtain the Enfield No2. I also reworked the weapon system so that other weapons can be added. although these wont be usable in act 1.

I have also created the selectable inventory which allows you to equip and reload weapons as well as use syringes.

I have also added the noclip command for debug purposes. This disables the collisions for the player as well as disabling gravity for the player. This does not allow the player to move up and down yet.

Syringes can now be used restoring 25 points of health.

The give command has been updated with the recent changes allowing the player to give themselves the Enfield No2 with “give EnfieldNo2”, give themselves a syringe with “give syringe” and give themselves ammo with “give [ammo type]”

The next thing to develop is the ghoul enemies and finish the puzzle for dr_forest. After this I will start making the dr_hotel and dr_hotelhell levels at which point act one will be feature complete and I will move act 1 into beta and focus on bugs before releasing a release candidate for act1.

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