Post Demoncore: Devlog 10

Robert and Calvin’s Bomber.

Since the last dev log I have been working on doing some concept art. Mainly designing the converted bomber the rebels use to transport the PC to the Hasjn base. The ship is based on a SAAB 17 a Swedish WW2 bomber. In the universe of the game it has an ion drive to propel the ship where the engine one the SAAB would be. The ship has also been retro fitted with an Alcubierre drive (This is a real world theoretical FTL drive which shifts the entirety of space around the spacecraft) this allows the spacecraft to traverse the stars. The bomb bay inside the ship has been converted into a living space for the occupants, fit with a bed storage and gas cooker. This makes it so they don’t have to stop at space ports to sleep which could be risky for the rebels. The spacecraft is own Robert and Calvin, a couple who are not officially part of any rebel group but help out on certain things. The player will meet these 2 in chapter 2 on their way to the Hasjn base.

Main Boss

The main enemy of the game is the god Cthugha. Cthugha is sort of the god of fire. It manifests itself to the PC as a reflection of himself. Similar to how Pyramid Head is a reflection of James’s guilt in Silent Hill 2. it appears wearing a Hasjn colonial officer uniform and a bag style gas mask (like the early ones used during ww1). They attack like the Arch-vile from Doom 2, setting the player alight by looking at them. They also have a flaming officers sword if the player gets close.

The Ghoul

Finally managed to finish the design and implement the first enemy of the game. It is a human figure that has been completely chard. Its also missing a foot and has shackles attached to the other. It attacks by swinging a knife at the player. The ghouls hand is missing with a knife in its place.

The model uses segmented limbs and are animated by rotating those limbs. The ghoul has 3 stats: Idle where it doesn’t move; spotted where the player is in range and the ghoul moves towards them; and attacking where the ghoul swings its blade at the player and deals some damage. Further work needs to be put into balancing the enemy, changing the speed it can move and attack, as well has how much damage it deals.


I decided to rework the forest map. I wanted it to look closer to a ps1 game meaning I had to draw less on the screen at once. I also wanted it to be more difficult to find hidden things throughout the map. I achieved this by making it more maze like. With sections of trenches and canyons which open up in several places to find the puzzle pieces. I also plan on putting a first encounter with the ghoul in a crumbling fort. Similar in vain to the one at the beginning of Silent hill 2 where James first meets a Lying Figure. After the first encounter with the ghoul more spawn around the map.

I started out by sketching a ruff layout for the map then started to create it in Crocotile3d. Then having to import it into Godot to check if the player can see behind the mesh. I wanted to have multiple routes so the player can run round the ghoul if they do not have enough ammo to take them down but I do want to leave enough ammo around to kill all of them for completion-est sake. The map model is about 70% complete.

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